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Our Services

Our Services

Bespoke Careplans

We recognise that every individual has unique support needs. therefore our care plans are designed to recognise every individuals needs, circumstances and required support level. As a carer we believe that you play a vital role in the wellbeing of your loved one and that in order to support others you need to be well and supported yourself. Therefore the care plan is designed around you as an individual in order to help keep you physically and psychologically healthy alongside offering support to enable you to best support your loved one. We have a strict confidentiality policy which our service adheres to and a copy of which is available from your key worker on request.


Advocacy and Signposting

Bridges Family and Carer Service offers a range of advice and support. However on occasion there may be partnership organisations who are better placed to offer specific support dependant on individual need. Therefore we offer a comprehensive signposting service. Alongside this we offer an advocacy service for clients who require support and representation to ensure that their voices are heard and their needs are met. Previously we have advocated with and on behalf of clients with the local council, treatment providers, health care professionals, benefits agencies, landlords, schools and many more.

Support Group

Support Groups

We offer a range of peer support groups. These include an alcohol carers group, grandparent carer group and young carer support group. These groups offer the ability to share and support other likeminded individuals who have similar experiences whilst building  friendships and support networks. Please see events page for times of current groups or ask your support worker.

Grandparent Carer Service

We offer a service dedicated to Grandparent or other family members raising children who are not their own as a result of a loved ones alcohol or substance misuse. This situation presents its own unique challenges and we offer tailored support packages to help carers navigate the new challenges they face including but not exclusive to schooling, behaviour, appointments, healthcare etc. Our dedicated grandparent carer worker Carol is available to answer any questions and offer a variety or support and advice. Please contact us to make an appointment or drop into our centre.

Proud Grandparents

Alcohol and Drug Awareness

Bridges Family and Carer Service is committed to education and awareness. We offer in-depth courses surrounding harm reduction, substance awareness, alcohol awareness, reduction advice, managing behaviour and many more topics. Please discuss your personal requirements with your key worker or check our events pages for upcoming courses and how to book a place. We also offer training to professionals and organisations, please contact us to discuss in more detail.

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Outreach Service

We recognise how difficult it can be to access the service. This can be for a variety of reasons including mobility, mental health, time, caring responsibilities amongst others. Therefore we offer a variety of outreach services to ensure that you are able to access the service you need in a  suitable and convenient location. Currently we an have outreach hub at Billingham Library, can offer appointments in GP surgeries and offer home visits. All outreach work is dependant on an individual circumstances is again tailored to clients needs.

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Alternative Therapies

At Bridges we recognise the importance of physical and psychological wellbeing. Therefore we offer a range of in house therapies to help rejuvenate your body and mind. Carers are prone to higher levels of stress, blood pressure and fatigue than non carers and we believe finding time to take care of your own needs is extremely important.  Currently we offer:


Please contact your key worker discuss the service further or to arrange an appointment.


Please note that there is an additional subsidised cost for £10 per session for this service.

Gardening Service

We recognise that catering for loved ones can be time consuming and stressful. therefore many aspects of daily life are overlooked including gardening. The benefits of being outdoors have been widely documented and we believe that they improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals, as well as helping families to come together. Therefore we offer a service to assist carers who are struggling to maintain their gardens and who wish to look at growing organic vegetables.

You need to be a current active client to access this service.

Pretty Garden

Counselling Services

Bridges Family and Carer service offer Integrative Counselling and CRAFT based counselling sessions. These sessions are held by qualified Counsellors who encourage clients to open up and talk through any issues associated with their caring role. We know how hard and isolating caring can be and how vital it can be to be able to openly discuss how you are feeling in a safe, non judgmental environment.

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Services Overview

  • Care Plans

  • Support Work

  • Counselling

  • Home visits

  • Advocacy

  • Training

  • Drug Awareness

  • Alcohol Awareness

  • Support Groups

  • Parenting Support

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Alcohol Specific Service

  • Grandparent Carers Service

  • Signposting/ referrals

  • Alternative therapies

  • Gardening Service

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