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Raising Concerns and Complaints

Often just getting your loved one to accept and access help is a challenge in itself, so what so you do if the care they access is not good enough? Who can you turn to and what can they do?

We understand that caring for someone with an addiction is difficult, stressful and an often thankless task. however despite this we also understand that ensuring your loved ones recover and get the best treatment is paramount and often not easy. 

We have devised a brief summary of where you can go and who you can talk to in order to help you achieve this.


We also offer an advocacy service and can support or advise you if you feel that you would like to formally raise concerns about the service your loved ones are receiving. Please contact us for more information.

Below are several organisations and individuals that you can contact to raise concerns, please click on the boxes for contact information.


NHS are responsible for overusing the care you would receive in North Tees Hospital, James Cook Hospital or Rosebery Park. They are also responsible for community mental health services.


An Ombudsman is an official appointed to investigate a case against an organisation which has not been resolved through the formal complaints procedure. This is usually the last course of action when all other options have been exhausted.


Public Health England are responsible for providing public health advice, guidance and priorities in the North East. 

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